If you went out for Valentines Day dinner Thursday night you probably ordered a bottle of wine and may not have finished it 

Many people don’t know this but you can take your unfinished bottle of wine home from restaurants. 

Many people don’t order a whole bottle of wine at dinner for fear of having to finish it before driving. You are legally allowed to take an unfinished bottle of wine home.  

The restaurant must re-cork the bottle, seal it in a see-through bag, and attach the receipt to the bag. Restaurants are beginning to see customers take their bottles home more often. 

“It’s becoming more frequent,” said Jerry Moccia, B. Napoli, owner. “It’s becoming more frequent because you can take the bottle home so it’s becoming more frequent.”

Because a bottle has been re-corked and sealed in a bag, driving with it does not break open container laws. 

The law only applies to wine. Beers and ciders cannot leave a restaurant.