SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mobile sports betting goes live across the Commonwealth on Friday, vastly expanding accessibility. The move to mobile represents a major shift in regulation for the Gaming Commission, adding millions upon millions of new potential players and possible problematic cases.

Betting on the Celtics will be easier than ever come Friday with the launch of multiple sports betting apps. No more driving, parking or standing in line. The access is exciting for some but with more than 390,000 adults in the state already at risk for problem gambling, many are wary of the consequences.

The state is reacting to these concerns by boosting access to its programs meant to prevent problematic gambling. You can sign up online, by phone or even in person at MGM Springfield.

Game Sense is the state’s go-to gambling counseling service. On their website and at their in-person locations, you’ll find information on risk factors alongside links to live chat services, 12-step programs and gamblers anonymous meetings.

You can also sign up for the voluntary exclusion “Game Break Program” a sure-fire way to make sure you aren’t swept up in the launch-day frenzy. If you sign up, it’s up to gaming establishments to keep you out of their buildings and off their apps.

In addition, the state has its own help-lines, each accessible by phone or online and open 24/7.