SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A 15-year-old Springfield girl designs the album cover for singer and ‘Super Sized Salon’ star Jamie Lopez. 

Jocelyn Torres started drawing self-portraits for Lopez in August of last year, which led to Lopez becoming an avid fan of Jocelyn, which ultimately landed Jocelyn doing the cover art for Lopez’s R&B/Soul album Queendom EP.

When she began working with Lopez, her mother, Glenda Torres, said that it had been an honor for her daughter. Jocelyn has always been a big Lopez fan. 

Jocelyn Torres cover art for Jamie Lopez’s R&B/Soul album Queendom EP.

“I’m glad I got to do it. Because it made her very happy,” adds Jocelyn. The cover was designed with colors Jocelyn knew Lopez would love.

Jocelyn says Lopez indeed loved the cover as soon as she saw it. Sadly, Lopez passed away at the age of 37 not long after the album cover was released. A great person in Jocelyn’s eyes and her last reaction to her was one she won’t forget. 

It wasn’t Jocelyn’s first-time drawing celebrities’ portraits. She also illustrated Chef Paul Wahlberg’s portrait and presented it to him at Wahlburgers in Springfield.