AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Amherst College has made a financial commitment of over $1 million to the local community.

Amherst College has actually announced over $1.3 million in donations and that includes $1 million alone to the Jones Library.

Amherst College President Michael Elliott announced Tuesday that the school has committed an initial $1.325 million to the local community. The donation includes $250,000 to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital for its emergency department renovation and $75,000 to the Drake arts and cultural performance venue for sustained programming.

But the biggest chunk of the commitment from Amherst College is a $1 million gift to the Jones Library for its renovation and expansion project.

Library Director Shannon Perry, tells 22News, “Amherst College is going to make this project happen and it’s going to effect not only the residents of Amherst but all of the patrons that use us up and down the Valley.” And many of the patrons who use the Jones Library are the thousands of students who live in the town.

Amherst College President Michael Elliott said that the town of Amherst is an important part of what attracts students here, so they’re happy to continue making the town more vibrant and welcoming, “And once they come here you know then they’re gonna go see a movie at the cinema, they’re gonna go to the Emily Dickinson museum, and have dinner at one of the amazing restaurants,” Perry adds.

If all goes to plan, the library hopes to complete construction on it’s renovation and have a grand reopening in December of 2025, in much thanks to Amherst College down the street. Amherst College has also said they they plan on making additional donations, including to the public schools and Fire Department.

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