AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The annual Blarney Blowout is now over at UMass and the after-effects are being seen. The Amherst Fire Department said they handled requests for 28 ambulance transports on Saturday alone and this was more than Amherst can handle alone.

The unsanctioned pre-spring break St. Patrick’s celebration once again was a massive party.
Unsurprisingly, the day the day was filled with a lot of alcohol, and for a good chunk of students too much alcohol was consumed. While some ambulance calls are expected at every Blarney Blowout, this year there were 28, meaning not only Amherst had to step in to help.

“The number of calls really impacts the region as a whole, because we’re pulling ambulances out of service from other cities and towns that have to come here, and respond to our needs which means they’re at a deficit. So, we wanna plan better to avoid that in the future,” said Amherst Town Manager Paul Bockelman.

Thankfully, none of the 28 cases were life threatening. Bockelman said the town and University will continue to work on educating students on how to consume alcohol safely.