AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Ren’s in Amherst gained international attention when it decided to stop selling gas because the owner felt the prices were unfair to customers.

Now under a new supplier, they’re back to serving customers.

Lee Elder from Shutesbury said after everything that’s happened, he plans to support the nearly 50-year-old business even more.

“He really took a gamble for the better of his customers,” Lee told 22News. “I feel like if gas stations can knock ten cents off for their smart pay then they’re charging you ten cents too much.”

Owner Reynold Gladu was offering gas through Exxon Mobil until June.

That’s when he decided it was unfair the company was reporting record profits while people were paying record prices.

“I’m not going to punish my customers because of the greed that a certain oil company has,” Gladu said.

Since 22News first reported on this story, gas prices have come down.

It’s still higher than it was a year ago, but Ren said the relationship with his new supplier is a better one.

“The supplier that I have now, I’m willing to stand for what it is because of the way they responded to me and my need of something to do,” he said.

Reynold said even when they weren’t selling gas, they saw support from not just the Amherst community, but the world.

He said while he is facing pending litigation, he’s not going away without a fight.

“I’m only doing it for the best of my customers, that’s all I was looking out for,” Gladu said.

Ren’s is currently only offering cash-only, but they will be accepting cards soon.