AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A disturbing find in Amherst, flyers left by a white supremacist group over the Fourth of July weekend.

This recent incident perhaps part of a disturbing trend in our state, with similar racist flyers being found in Ipswich, Hamilton, and Chatham.

Amherst Chief of Police Scott Livingstone confirmed that flyers from a group that calls itself the Nationalist Social Club were found in the Echo Village neighborhood of Amherst.

According to the anti-defamation league, the Nationalist Social Club is a neo-Nazi group with small chapters throughout the country and abroad. The flyers were found by a woman walking her dog, she turned them over to police on Sunday.

“It’s terrible, from what I see, I mean I lived here my whole life and this is a pretty close knit community for the most part and I don’t see a lot of racism around here. It’s terrible that people still think that way,” said Thomas Maziarz of Easthampton.

The Chief said no residences or businesses were targeted and it looks like the flyers were tossed from a car window. The police are also asking people in the Echo Hill neighborhood to let them know if they caught any suspicious activity on a door bell camera or home security system.

The Chief did say the fliers appear to be similar to the ones found in other parts of the state, but noted that the investigation is ongoing.