If you plan on enjoying the open water this weekend, there are something you need to be on the lookout for. 

The rain caused loose debris to raise to the top of the water. 

22News went out on the Connecticut River Friday. 

Thursday’s rain storm caused loose debris, like branches and even a sign, to rise to the top of the water. 

When the water levels come up,  things can come off the shore and end up in the water. 

Marine debris is trash, fishing line, and other items that get into the ocean and onto the shore. Making it hard for larger boats to avoid. 

“Pretty much that were a bigger vessel and I’m restricted in my move ability and I can’t get out of the way,” said James Brunelle of South Hadley.

Which is why some large debris is marked with a buoy, so boaters can avoid it. Like this large tree branch, 22News spotted floating in the water. 

From storm to storm the waters changes, so stay alert, if you plan on heading onto the river, this weekend.