The Northampton Housing Authority has closed down the community room at Florence’s Forsander Apartments due to bedbugs infestation.

Reports of bedbugs have been an ongoing issue at the Forsander Apartments since December of last year.

The president of the tenants association at Forsander Apartments told 22News he feels there’s been a lack of communication between the NHA and apartment residents. He said people don’t have any idea as to how to treat bedbugs.

NHA Executive Director Cara Clifford told 22News, they held a seminar this afternoon for staff and residents to put an end to the hysteria surrounding bedbugs and how to treat them. Residents felt they took too long to provide this information.

Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that hide in beds and feed on human blood usually while people are sleeping. A deep cleaning of where bedbugs live is the best way to get rid of them.

The President of the Tenants Association at Foresander Apartments, Peter Cushing told 22News, “The bedbug situation at Forsander, the information didn’t come out until today. We’re having a nice meeting with the exterminators, they should’ve been out here first with the information not last.”

Cushing is thankful the NHA came out to explain to residents how to treat bed bug infestation.

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