BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Military banners are displayed in Belchertown honoring those who served in the Armed Forces.

According to the Belchertown Police Department, the banners have been installed around the Town Common and in front of the Town Hall. They will be on display from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.

The Military Tribute Banners will be given back to the sponsors to keep. Each year the community can sponsor a new banner for $150, if one was purchased the previous year, it can be reused for display in the amount of $50.

LIST: Names displayed on military banners

  1. Joseph Austin
  2. Michael Austin
  3. Paul Austin
  4. Charles Ayers
  5. Matthew Bachman
  6. David Barszcz
  7. David Bock
  8. Richard Boyko
  9. Robert Braden
  10. Joseph Czapla
  11. Albert Dewhurst
  12. Gary Faulkins
  13. Roger Gaughn
  14. John Jamilkowski
  15. Ray Janke
  16. Stephen Knight
  17. Henry Martin
  18. Robert Martin
  19. Wayne Mccool
  20. Donald F. Moran
  21. Casmir Owczarski
  22. Nicholas Pawlowski
  23. Ronald Pobieglo
  24. Michael Poulin
  25. David Preston
  26. Harrison Reed
  27. Herbert Squires
  28. Leslie Squires
  29. Rae St. Amand
  30. Robert Tilton
  31. James Wright

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in and supported our Military Banner Program,” Belchertown Police Department.

If those interested in sponsoring a banner next year, contact Chief Kevin Pacunas at, or Sergeant Robert Mann at email, 413-323-6685.

Some of the funds generated by the program were used to support a Veterans Luncheon and refurbish grave markers belonging to veterans.