BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Elected leaders toured the storm damage in Belchertown Wednesday that washed away roads. Residents and elected officials are hoping and begging the state for money to help repair the damage.

When a beaver dam breached upstream during the storms over the weekend, it caused millions of gallons of water to rush down onto Belchertown resident’s properties. Many residents had their driveways, yards and homes damaged.

The town, elected officials, and residents say the state needs to pay for the damages. The dam was on state managed land and elected officials say the dam wasn’t properly managed before it collapsed. One resident told 22News they’ve spent 15 hours every day cleaning the damage.

“We can expect it to happen more frequently. With climate change, the intensity of storms will not stop. It’s going to be quite expensive to repair to be frank,” said Erica Larner, a Belchertown Conversation Administrator.

The town says they have to use any money they have to physically repair the broken road first so that residents can travel before money can go to residents for repairs. However, ultimately they are looking for the money to come from Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency for repairs, since the issue originated on state land.