BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – The Belchertown Police Department is warning residents of a new type of online scheme.

According to the Belchertown Police Department, they are investigating multiple calls for a new type of online scheme. This new scheme has involved people’s computers or laptops showing a notification that says that the device has been “hacked” which would result in the device becoming frozen.

In the notification, a phone number that usually appears next to “Apple Support” or “Microsoft Support” pops up and instructs the user to call the number to fix the hack. The number that is provided to the user is not associated with Apple, Microsoft, or any other computer service intended to fix the issue in all of the cases the department has seen.

The phone numbers have led to unknown people that tell the computer user that in order to fix the computer hack, they have to pay them. The people on the phone instruct the users to pay through either wire transactions or investing in Bitcoin. People have lost large sums of money, and the people on the phone will often use fear to get the money they want.

If anyone experiences a notification like this on any of their devices, do not call the number they provide because it is a fake number. Call a true computer service, or bring your device to one you trust so you do not become a victim of this scheme.