AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Blarney Blowout it set for this weekend at UMass Amherst, students preparing for this year’s unofficial pre-Spring break St Patrick’s celebration.

“You can hear it on every end of campus, People are looking forward to it,” said Max Ferrucci, a UMass student.

However, the unsanctioned event is not for everyone. UMass student Ray Kaila told 22News, “I know it sounds like I don’t like parties, but I like them with people I know on comfort ground. It works for those people who like it, I think.”

The tradition has a checkered history, with more than 70 people being arrested in 2014. Nearly a decade later, it serves as a cautionary tale.

“I’m looking to have fun. hopefully no tear gas like 2014, that would be terrible,” said Dennis Crowley, a UMass student.

In a statement sent to 22News, UMass Amherst promised restrictions on parking and visitors on campus and mentioned plenty of alternative events like lacrosse and basketball games and the Spring Spectacular. Despite some not-so-St. Patrick’s weather on the way this weekend, students seemed undeterred.

“It’s gonna be a show. Even though it’s snowing, like eskimos, it’s gonna be a show,” said Sid Upreti, a UMass student.

“If we do get snow on Saturday, it’s going to make it that much better. Yeah, people are nervous about the weather but I think its going to make it a lot more fun,” said Ferrucci.

Regardless, the Team Positive Presence Spring Spectacular will run on campus from nine to three on Saturday, featuring a breakfast bar, snacks, a movie and board games.