Captain Candy now has an owner, and get this, he’s only a teenager. Eighteen-year-old Levi Smith of Chesterfield is the proud owner of Captain Candy.

The store has been in Thornes marketplace for six years and offers a variety of retro candies.

The announcement was made Monday by the now-former owner, Nolan Anaya.

Smith said he’s ready to take on this challenge, and that he has received a lot of support from his family.

Smith is working toward an associate degree in business at Holyoke Community College. He plans to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree at UMass Amherst.

He eventually wants to get a master’s in business administration. 

Smith told 22News, “I’m very excited it still hasn’t hit me yet. It’s been a long process. We’re not going to change too much. Keep it mostly the same. We would like to move up to the main level of Thornes for more foot traffic.”

Smith previously worked at Acme Surplus in Thornes. During that time, he was looking for stores that were up for sale.

He contacted Nolan, and the rest was history.