NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) — The city of Northampton is looking to create a commission to investigate racialized harms perpetrated against Black residents and workers. The City Council adopted a resolution on February 16th to create a joint Mayoral-City Council Commission made up of 13 members.

It is to support redress and fair treatment for Blacks living, working, and learning in the community. The commission expects to address why there are fewer Black people living in the community, as the current population sits at just under 3 percent.

22News spoke with a local resident on why she thinks this will be good for the city. “Diversity is what allows people to learn from different cultures and just you gain so much knowledge from a diverse collection of people in a place. I think it will make the city richer and the people here happier. And, I think the problem seems like, how does one make Northampton a place that makes people of color want to come here?,” expressed Ava Harper of Northampton.

The commission will explore initiatives to be funded and implemented by the city. Residents interested in serving on the commission have until April 28th to apply.