NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Defending democracy brought dozens to the city of Northampton Tuesday evening with the town hall featuring two U.S. representatives.

Congressmen Jim Govern and Jamie Raskin of Maryland were welcomed to the First Churches of Northampton for the special conversation. Raskin served as the lead impeachment manager during former president Trump’s second trial. 22News caught up with both congressmen ahead of the town hall about why this discussion is needed.

Mcgovern told 22News he believes our democracy is under assault by some of his colleagues in Washington.

“We’re still heartbroken over the tragedy in Texas, and we cant get common-sense gun control passed because a small minority in the united states senate is dictating the ground rules,” said Congressman Jim McGovern.

“The right to vote is under attack. Election integrity is under attack. On January 6th we had the worst violent assault on the US capital. We need to defend democratic institutions and our values,” said Congressman Jamie Raskin.

With Massachusetts gas prices only getting higher, topping the national average, 22News asked Congressman McGovern what he believes should be done to alleviate some of this burden.

“We need to crack down on the oil companies we have to get them to stop price gouging and we need to get serious on investing in clean green alternative sources of energy,” said McGovern.

McGovern added that he hopes in the next few weeks he and his constituents will be able to pass some legislation that will invest in alternatives to fossil fuels.