SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Prom is this Saturday for South Hadley High School students. To help keep them safe, students from South Hadley High School engaged in a pre-prom drunk driving awareness program.

The football field at high school was transformed into an obstacle course for seniors who learned about the impairment drugs and alcohol can have on your mind and motor skills. Students wore goggles specially designed to mimic intoxication, called fatal vision googles, and were asked to navigate a course of obstacles in a golf cart.

Senior Diana Theriault told 22News, “I really could not see most of the time as well, so it was just like very scary. I don’t think I would ever do that myself.”

The program, run by South Hadley First Responders, gives students a safe, hands-on experience to learn about the dangers of driving under the influence. Officers also took this opportunity to explain the penalties student offenders face.

“As a child under the age of 21 the license offenses carry a higher penalty, a higher weight than it would for an adult per se, so trying to get your license from the court and all that is much more difficult,” said School Resource Officer Josh Helems.

In addition to loss of license, offenders face hefty fines. Officers added that in addition to big legal headaches, students will likely face penalties from the school as well.