EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Incumbent Mayor Nicole LaChapelle has been re-elected as Mayor for a four-year term, defeating brewery founder Eric Berzins, and city resident Keith Routhier. Easthampton resident Donald Torrey also ran a write-in campaign.

This year’s election featured ranked-choice voting where voters rank candidates in order of preference. However, it did not get triggered due to LaChapelle receiving more than 50 percent of first-preference votes. It’s also worth noting that there were 809 write-ins for the mayoral election, 784 of which were for Torrey, according to City Clerk Barbara LaBombard.

Easthampton mayoral debate on 22News

LaChapelle claimed her victory of more than 65 percent of the vote with a celebration at New City Brewery. While she has been the mayor since 2017, this is her first ever four year term. 22News asked her what her message to Easthampton residents was Tuesday night.

“We have four years to really just keeping on what we started. This mandate is not something I take for granted or carte blanche. That I understand that this is a two way street and we’ll work together like we have for the last two terms,” said Mayor LaChapelle.

LaChapelle’s big push was housing, saying she wants at least 100 affordable housing units in the works in the next four years.

The only other contested race in Easthampton is for City Council at-large. Four of the five candidates would be elected. David Meunier received the least amount of votes therefore, Owen Zaret, Lindsey Rothschild, Koni Denham, and Brad Riley will become City Council at large members.

There are no contested races in the city’s five districts, and there is no ballot opposition in the race for school committee.

Polling hours in Easthampton were held from: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.