EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Following the failed Superintendent search, some residents this week have officially begun the formal process to recall Chairperson Cynthia Kwiecinski.

Last Thursday, Easthampton City Clerk Barbara LaBombard confirmed that she had certified the required 400 signatures for the effort to move forward after two residents turned in a petition signed by over 400 residents.

In order for the recall process to continue they will need to reach 2,517 signatures by June 8th. As of Tuesday, the group of petitioners is at just a little over 200 signatures. “People are finally noticing and this just shines a larger light on it,” said Organizer Cathy Wauczinksi of Easthampton. Wauczinski tells 22News that if they retrieve all needed signatures Kwiecinski would have five days to resign.

While hundreds in the City are backing this plan, not everyone is on board, especially with elections coming in just a few months. “I don’t understand why we’re keeping this going and we’re dividing our little city even more in a very divided country. Can’t we just let this die down? I mean, there’s gonna be elections in November so let’s just let the elections take care of it,” said Jean Frances of Easthampton.

On the affidavit, some of the listed reasons for the recall include being unresponsive, sending police to someone’s home to make a job offer at midnight, unprofessional behavior, meeting minutes made unavailable, and refusing to move to hybrid meetings.

“We are hoping for a little bit more balance on the school committee, a little bit more open, and the school committee listening to members of the community with in-person meetings,” expressed Wauczinksi.

Kwiecinski’s term is set to expire at the end of the year.