FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – A $30,000 donation has been renewed by Florence Bank, in an effort to give back to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity.

“Florence is a very community-spirited bank, and we are a very community-spirited organization. Our missions align,” said Amy Landry, the director of resource development at Habitat for eight years. “Clearly, they have been a wonderful community partner for us.”

The partnership between Florence Bank and the local Habitat organization continues to deepen with a large amount of involvement. In recent efforts, a recent $96,000 grant was secured from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston. This grant helped with low-income and affordable housing, while $32,00 was given to build on three current projects.

“The bank has been a partner in so many dimensions,” Landry said. “Florence has checked all the boxes from sponsoring to contributing financially to volunteering. That makes the bank a special friend to us.

Each year the bank pledges $10,00 since 2015 to support its local projects. “They see the importance of giving at a certain level to have an impact,” Landry said, noting that the bank’s multi-year pledges offer reliable leadership revenue to the organization. The bank helps with construction costs in order to build homes.

Habitat for Humanity has built two houses each year and for the first time this year, the organization plans to build a total of four. Three houses are to be built in Northampton and one in Conway. “To the extent that we can support people who are ready to be owners of affordable homes, Florence Bank is a partner with us in that. That’s a big influence,” Landry said. “They’re helping us one family at a time—three families this year.”