FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – A long-standing and much-loved pastry shop in Florence has found a new owner and a local one at that.

The Florence Pie Bar announced Thursday that the owners Danny McColgan and Isaac Weiner of Familiars Coffee and Tea in Northampton will take over. Pie Bar founder Maura Glennon says the two businesses already had a lot in common when it came to how they were run so this is an ideal change-over.

“I was very excited when this opportunity presented itself because Danny and Isaac have a clear understanding of the Florence Pie Bar brand within our community and beyond,” Glennon notes. “I was interested in finding the best people to guide Florence Pie Bar’s continued growth, and it feels like a perfect fit for this special place that we built. Additionally, I feel very good about their interest in keeping our current staff and not making any significant changes right now.”

The offerings at Florence Pie Bar will remain the same with the hope that it can begin offering coffee and tea from the Northampton coffee shop and that Pie Bar pastries can make their way to Familiars located in a historic Worcester Lunch Car diner on Strong Avenue.

“While we have many exciting plans ahead, we plan to take things very slowly to see what works best in Florence,” Weiner says. “We are honored to be able to continue the legacy of the Pie Bar, and place immense value in the quality of the product, brand, and reputation of the bakery.“

“We are so happy to expand up into Florence and can’t wait to become a part of the community there,” says Weiner. “Maura has created a phenomenal business, and we are humbled that she has entrusted us with it.”

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