GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – DNA has led to answers in the 1978 “Granby Girl” homicide case, identifying Patricia Ann Tucker as the unnamed victim.

Tucker’s grave was labeled “unknown” when she was buried in Granby, but now a GoFundMe is underway to try and change that.

“I’m just happy for the family. For the son to have closure with his mom. I can’t imagine living with that for a lifetime,” said Helen Hurteau of Granby.

As the family seeks closure, so does the community. Helen has lived in Granby for over 30 years and she’s glad to hear investigators were able to finally identify Patricia Ann Tucker.

Her grave has been unmarked for so long now but that doesn’t mean she’s been forgotten. In fact, someone has been anonymously maintaining her grave for some time now.

“In September of 1998, nearly 20 years after Tucker’s body was found, two dozen people attended a memorial service at the cemetery while the gravestone was put in place,” said Granby Police Chief Kevin O’Grady.

However, questions still remain in Tucker’s death. As investigators are trying to find out who killed Tucker, they’ve identified her husband at the time, Gerald “Jerry” Coleman, as a person of interest. Investigators say Coleman did not report his wife missing. He died in prison while he was serving time for rape as well as assault and battery.

“Now that we know Patricia’s identity and who she was married to at the time of her disappearance there may be people out there who might know know something about either one of them that could help further this investigation,” said First Assistant District Attorney Steven Gagne.

The DA’s office hopes to find more leads to help further the investigation. Anyone that knew Patricia at any point in their life is asked to contact Granby Police Department at 413-467-9222 or email

The GoFundMe has raised $800 as of Tuesday afternoon and they’re hoping to raise $2,000.