NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The organic food growing organization Grow Food Northampton is under new management, which promises to expand its mission of sustainable local agriculture.

Grow Food Northampton’s new executive director is former city councilor Alisa Klein. She held an open house late Sunday afternoon to recruit more support.

Klein hopes to generate more growth in grassroots local agriculture as Grow Food Northampton enters its second decade.

“We own 120 acres of land, that’s all managed organically without any chemicals. No pesticides, we also do things for education, we have mobile markets for people,” Klein told 22News.

Every Tuesday during 36 weeks of the year, the agency operates a food van in downtown Northampton for families in need.

Klein said helping people who don’t have enough food to feed their families is also a prime concern for the organization.

She’s hoping Sunday’s turnout is the first step enabling her to broaden her scope of operations, involving more growers who share the philosophy of Grow Food Northampton.

They also take their farm-land programs directly to students attending Hampshire County schools.