HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The Hadley Fire Department hosted the Department of Fire Services as part of a side-by-side sprinkler demonstration. Fire Marshall Peter Ostroskey says that home sprinklers give residents a better chance of escaping a fire.

“It was pretty impressive seeing how fast that fire seemed to explode and become out of control and as they said you couldn’t escape from that,” said Kurt Petchick of Hadley, after seeing how fast the fire was put out with a fire sprinkler.

He says sprinklers are more effective but it would be hard to get them in a house that is already built and that they may be more expensive. However, the State Fire Marshall says that fire sprinklers in homes should be considered during the building process.

Ostroskey says it is inexpensive during the construction of homes but there are still ways to put a fire sprinkler in a home that’s already built. According to Ostroskey, fire sprinklers can preserve homes and give people more time to escape a fire safely.

“Without a sprinkler head, it will get to full open burning within three to three and a half minutes whereas a single head with a very small, with about 13 gallons a minute, significantly reduces a fire,” said Ostroskey.

Hadley Fire Chief Michael Spanknebel says through this demonstration they want to provide more clarity on fire sprinklers, “We trying to dispel some myths in regards to the cost of installing new construction and we are also trying to dispel the myth that these sprinklers go off at the same time. Basically only the room impacted by the fire is the sprinkler that will go off.”

The Department of Fire Services says early detection of home fires is important, otherwise it could be more dangerous for firefighters and residents once the fire ignites. The State Fire Marshall added that people should plan their escape route in the case of a fire.