EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Hampshire County Public Safety Awards tonight celebrated the resilience of first responders during the pandemic.

22News was in attendance tonight where the ceremony was being held. The ceremony took place at the Boylston Rooms in Easthampton Wednesday night with many of Hampshire County’s first responders in attendance.

22News spoke with first responders about why it’s important to highlight the achievements that first responders have made during the pandemic.

“All of our personnel throughout this field, fire, ems, police, they stepped up. They did the work, they put their gowns on and they got their hands dirty and they worked every day. The fortitude they showed through all of this is truly commendable,” said Matt Lamberg, Divison Chief of Northampton Fire Rescue.

“Regardless of the situation they were ready to respond and help each other out,” said Chris Norris, Fire Chief of Easthampton Fire Department.

The awards ceremony also included a dinner buffet and a raffle for first responders and those who attended the ceremony