WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Educators at Hampshire Regional Schools are taking action as contract negotiations drag on with the district.

Starting Monday, teachers at Hampshire Regional High School in Westhampton are taking on a “work to rule” policy, where they work to the letter of their contracts and not a minute or favor more. They made the move when the school committee motioned to take negotiations to a moderator.

Greg Reynolds, co-president of the Hampshire Regional Education Association, told 22News they thought they were making good progress… even coming to a number of tentative agreements at their last bargaining session in the last week of April.

“It made us feel like our elected officials didn’t want to be speaking directly with the educators about this. We love our work here. We have a devoted core of teachers. We want to be able to attract good educators and retain good educators,” said Reynolds.

Among the major sticking points for negotiations: limited salary increases, parental leave and sick leave. In addition, more specific requirements on evening obligations like open houses and dance chaperoning.

The group of acting teachers will be back outside the high school Tuesday before the bell rings to continue to make their case. Reynolds added they aren’t out to ruin the end of the year for students. They have been told that even with their work to rule, prom and all other end-of-the-year events still have enough people to go.