High volume in customers creating parking issues for businesses near NETA

Hampshire County

Recreational marijuana sales have made for big business at NETA in Northampton, but it’s also caused parking problems for their neighbors.

Thousands of people have waited in line at NETA since they opened last Tuesday, but parking is limited, and leaving your car in the wrong spot could get it towed.

Cannabis customers have been parking wherever they can close to NETA and many nearby businesses have a problem with non-patrons parking in their lots, and they’ve posted signs warning people they could be towed.

Some businesses have begun trying to capitalize on the thousands of new cannabis customers.

Fitzwilly’s Bar and Restaurant put up signs welcoming NETA’s customers, and Belly of the Beast thanked the company for opening in town.

Other businesses closer to Conz Street where NETA is located have begun offering parking spaces for a fee. Similar to what happens in West Springfield and Agawam during the Big E.

Next door neighbor Prolube, has decided to offer a deal aimed at the people waiting in line.

“Last week, with all the traffic and the loss of parking places on the lot, figured if we could offer a deal where their customers could get an oil change and get two hours of parking while they wait in line, figured it could be a win-win for both of us,” said John Richi, owner of Prolube Auto Center. “Good for us. I don’t want to tow cars, that’s not what we’re here for.”

The oil change for parking offer just started on Monday and one NETA customer came in to take them up on the deal.

Medical Marijuana Patients remain a priority for NETA, which reserved some of their parking spaces for their medical marijuana patients.

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