CHESTERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’re planning to take advantage of the fall foliage this long weekend, one Chesterfield non-profit wants you to take the scenic route through the Hilltowns. Broadband only just arrived this year in the Hilltowns and now they’re using paper and digital means to show you what these local businesses can offer.

From Ashfield to Granville this map gives you the list of local businesses and where to find them.

“We have a lot of people making things out of their homes,” said hilltown resident Dave Christopolis. Christopolis is also the Executive Director of the Hilltown Community Development Corporation, which is the organization behind the list.

He said the Hilltowns have a lot to offer from handcraft goods to its scenic rides, “There’s a lot of people living here trying to make a living working for themselves, and they need to find markets for their products. So if we can bring people here for that, that’s a good thing.”

The Williamsburg General Store is one of the first stops on this list as Williamsburg is the gateway to the Hilltowns, but they’re hoping you stay here awhile.

“Why not? Beautiful corners of the world, truly and very accessible,” expressed David Majercik, the Proprietor Emeritus at the Williamsburg General Store.

With the popularity of remote work some are choosing to extend their stay in parts of the Hilltowns. According to the New York times Plainfield’s population increased 16% in 2020.