NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been some warmer than usual days here in Massachusetts but expensive energy prices are still leaving many worried about high utility bills as we see a drop in temperature.

“We have a high-efficiency gas system. It’s amazing in that it both reduces the costs as well as makes our home warmer,” said Joan Tabachnick of Northampton.

Not everyone is eager to turn on their heat. According to one survey, only 30 percent of Massachusetts residents say they will turn on their heat when the outdoor temperatures reach an average of 32 degrees.

Both Eversource and National Grid have switched to their winter rates. National Grid’s electric bills going up about 60 percent, natural gas at around 20 percent. Eversource reported a nearly 30 percent rate increase.

“Well I didn’t tell her but I’ve already turned the heat on once. It was just too cold that morning! It was freezing,” said Jane Fleishman, a Northampton resident.

“I would’ve liked to hold off a little longer but I guess the cat’s out of the bag,” said Tabachnick.

New concerns over what is being called an energy short fall is making Joseph Nolan, head of Eversource, concerned about the supply of electricity this winter. Nolan is warning New Englanders that there may not be enough electricity this winter, and he even sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking for assistance.

The Massachusetts Home Energy Assistance Program is a free resource to help eligible households pay a portion of winter heating bills.