Hundreds of nip bottles found along western Massachusetts roads

Hampshire County

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A Southampton resident picked up hundreds of nip bottles during a 5-mile walk over the weekend.

Ryan Pacheco told 22News he prefers walking to work, which is how he came up with the idea to start picking the bottles up.

“I noticed how many nips and litter there was on the walk, and I thought it’d be a fun idea to put something on Facebook to have people guess how many nips I could collect,” Pacheco said. “I got a lot of guesses and ended with 374–way more than I think anybody expected.”

On Wednesday, 22News met up with him to see how many more nips we could clean up on a .3-mile section of Clark Street near Heritage Park.

Just two minutes into our walk, we had already collected 10 nip bottles. There was barely any other type of litter. 

By the end of our 15-minute walk on both sides of the street–.6 miles in total–we picked up 35 nip bottles, mostly vodka.

“I think it’s something that pretty much everyone can agree upon,” Pacheco said. “No one likes to see that when they are walking outside.”

Pacheco told 22News littering may not be the biggest issue here.

“First of all, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving. That’s the worst part,” Pacheco said. “Wait until you get home to drink them, then drink them and see if you can recycle them. It’s not too much effort to do and it’s a good thing to do.”

Several viewers have contacted 22News in response to this story, saying the littering of nip bottles is an issue in many other parts of western Massachusetts:

“I live along College Highway in Southampton,” Rosemary Bennett said. “My daughter and I find at least 2 nip bottles in our yard/driveway every morning while we wait for the school bus.  It’s really disgusting.”

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering putting a 5-cent deposit on nip bottles. Similar legislature has failed in the past, but supporters believe it may help with the littering issue.

The state of Maine has banned the sale of nips altogether.

Pacheco told 22News he will continue to be productive on his walks to work by picking up whatever nip bottles or litter he sees. 

If you safely pick up any nip bottles in your neighborhood, send in your photos to and post them using the hashtag #NipBottleTrashChallenge. Do not put yourself into harm’s way.


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