HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s that time of year again where you notice some animals snacking in your garden. After taking time to plant a garden and caring for your lawn, the last thing you want is for an animal to come and ruin it.

Recognizing the signs of animals eating your garden is your first step. Rodents, such as mice, will disturb plants from pulling the roots below, making it harder to notice. Deer and rabbits will leave a more visible trace by chewing on the leaves of plants. Noticing these things will not only prevent your hard work from being destroyed, but also prevent you from getting diseases on your plants.

Eric Tiedeman-Mau from Gardener’s Supply Company in Hadley told 22News, “The best thing you can do is to have a physical barrier, so if you can set up a small fence around the garden, that might keep a rabbit away, there is taller fencing for deer. If a fence is not an option, then there are repellants you put down that are scent based.”

When selecting plants for your garden, choosing plants that animals are less likely to eat is another way to keep them out of your yard. Now if you have a compost pile in our yard, covering that would be another way to keep animals out of your yard.