NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A light display will soon go under one of Northampton’s bridges as a way to encourage people to explore more of the city’s small businesses.

They’re hoping this colorful solution will encourage people to explore past the railroad bridge on main street and see what “paradise east” has to offer.

Northampton resident, Daniel Mihalak told 22News, “When you go under that underpass it’s like a new world with all those antique stores.” If you haven’t ventured past the railroad bridge on main street you’re not alone, but Northampton city leaders are hoping you’ll change your mind.
This spring they plan to install a new LED light system.

Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra said, “There are other communities around the country as a way to make the vibrant space but also to marry two different parts and they’ve been wildly successful.”

Color Kinetics will take on the project. They’re known for transforming spaces that could typically be overlooked into social media worthy destinations.

This is what I’m looking forward to” says Mihalak, “the lights, the rainbow”, The owner of the Roost, Robyn Wynn, hopes this will be good for business.

Wynn, says, “Having the lights under the bridge I’m so excited because A, I know it’s going to be better lit and B, beautiful and something for people to come check out.

The city will be able to program the lights to be different colors, like green if the Celtics win, or rainbow for Pride month.