EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Easthampton firefighters were called to an apartment complex Thursday for a report of smoke inside one of the apartments.

When crews arrives, they found no one home in the apartment and the door locked. Firefighters went to the back side of the apartment and could see smoke in the apartment with a small fire on the coffee table.

The firefighters forced entry into the apartment and put out the fire, removed the damaged contents, and ventilated the apartment to limit any smoke damage. An investigation found that sunlight through a window was refracted and magnified through a snow globe on the coffee table and directed to a nearby piece of cardboard. The refracted light was hot enough to cause the cardboard to catch on fire.

The Easthampton Fire Department is using the incident to educate residents about how magnified sunlight has the potential of concentrating to one area and rise to an ignition temperature, causing a fire.