GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – Many industries and local businesses are dealing with increased gas prices here in Massachusetts and across the country.

22News spoke with Harrison Korzenowski, a rep from Red Fire Farm, located in both Granby and Montague. They told us that they take their goods to sell in Boston regularly, which means spending a lot of money on gas to get to their destination.

But Korzenowski said their farm has been adapting to the increased gas prices, all while trying to mitigate their carbon footprint.

“It’s definitely difficult for the farm, everyone is feeling it in their pockets,” Korzenowski said. “But we are doing our best every day to account for it by making very fuel-efficient trips. Whenever we do a run with our trucks, we make sure there are multiple businesses we are delivering to, so they are getting what they need and we are keeping the overall trip time to a minimum.”

According to the AAA Gas Prices map, the average price of gas in Massachusetts currently stands at $4.42. Both Hampden and Berkshire counties have the lowest gas prices in the state.