Local police: Know the laws before buying marijuana

Hampshire County
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The first recreational marijuana sales start on Tuesday and police want to make sure consumers know the laws.

NETA in Northampton will be one of two stores selling recreational marijuana starting on Tuesday at 8 a.m. The second is in Leicester. NETA is expecting large crowds as they become one of the state’s first recreational marijuana shops. 

“It wouldn’t be ok for someone to come and purchase an ounce and come back that same day and purchase another ounce unless they’ve gone home, stored in a safe place, locked it up,” said Amanda Rositano, NETA’s director of compliance.

The Cannabis Control Commission is urging adults who will buy recreational pot for the first time to know the law and consume responsibly. Just like alcohol, it is illegal to use marijuana while driving.

Although Northampton police are not too worried about people driving high, they want consumers to know about the dangers.

Police Chief Jody Kasper told 22News:

“It’s very important that people understand that they can’t make a purchase inside and then sit in the parking lot and use marijuana or drive down the road and use marijuana either,” Kasper told 22News. “We really encourage people—as NETA is—to use safely and slowly.”

It is also illegal to carry marijuana or marijuana products across state lines; if you buy marijuana in Massachusetts, you have to use it in Massachusetts.

There will be police outside of NETA on Tuesday to make sure everyone is respecting the law.

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