NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather has really heated up this week but it’s not time to participate in water activities, like boating and kayaking, just yet.

While its been getting warmer outside, Oxbow Marina says its not quite safe to go boating or kayaking on rivers during this time a year.

“The current, the debri, the trees… full sized trees coming down, its really unsafe,” said General Manager Clay Duda.

Karen Deangelo and her husband bought another boat Wednesday, they say they look forward to taking their boat to Highland Lake in Connecticut, “We’re hoping the end of May or June, that we would put the boat in the water and start our yearly boating.”

Duda says there are still ways for people to prepare for water activities as it gets warmer, especially if its while the water is still high.

“They got to make sure they have the necessary safety equipment life jackets, anchors, anchor line. In case they have a mishap, they can tie to shore or do something,” said Duda.

Boating season officially starts around Memorial Day weekend.