Maple Syrup season is here!

Not only does the sweet, sticky stuff go great with pancakes and waffles, it’s also a key contributor to the state’s economy. According to the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association, tourists spend more than $2 million on maple syrup during the spring season each year.

Visiting local sugar shacks is a New England tradition from late February to April. Many local residents were at Steve’s Sugar Shack in Westhampton getting a first taste of this season’s maple syrup

“This is sort of a right of passage every spring for us,” said Elizabeth Preston of Westhampton. “The first sign of spring for a lot of people is a robin. For us its the sign going up out in front of Steve’s, saying opening day. We pretty much come every year on opening day.” 

Steve’s Sugar Shack Owner Stephen Holt told 22News the maple syrup being made now is very sweet and has a light color. He said the syrup’s quality and taste is all dependent on the weather. 

“In this business, we say if we can get 25-degree nights and 45-degree days, that’s the perfect season,” said Holt. “We don’t want it to be 70 during the day because then the season will end abruptly and that’s when we make the dark syrup and then the season is all over.”

And visitors at Steve’s Sugar Shack got to enjoy the fresh maple syrup knowing their money was going towards a good cause. A portion of the money made from each breakfast sold Saturday will be donated to the Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity.