BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has fined a Northampton business for violating state wastewater regulations.

182 MTR, LLC, owner of Highway Auto Salvage, Inc. in Northampton, was ordered to pay a penalty of $7,470.

According to MassDEP, on December 31, 2021 MassDEP responded to a complaint alleging that an employee of Highway Auto Salvage had pumped the contents of a septic tank from the onsite sewage disposal system to an area adjacent to the Mill River. The company also failed to comply with Title 5 septic system requirements to perform a system inspection per MassDEP regulations.

182 MTR, LLC must pay $5,750 of the assessed penalty, and MassDEP has agreed to suspend the remaining amount if the site wastewater system is brought into compliance and follows the state’s wastewater regulations. 182 MTR is working with MassDEP and the Northampton Department of Health and Human Services and has retained an engineering firm to remedy the noncompliance.

“The Commonwealth’s wastewater regulations provide for the protection of public health, safety, welfare, and the environment by requiring the proper siting, construction, upgrade, and maintenance of on-site sewage disposal systems,” said Michael Gorski, director of MassDEP’s Western Region Office in Springfield. “This action brings the property into compliance with the Commonwealth’s wastewater regulations, and penalizes 182 MTR, LLC for the blatant nature of this violation.”