NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A grant totaling $3 million will be used to make energy-efficient upgrades in apartments administered by the Northampton Housing Authority.

The Northampton Housing Authority has a total of thirteen properties, two of which will be fitted with energy efficiency improvements. The Walter Salvo House on Conz Street was awarded $2,851,200 for 192 units to be equipped with mini-splits. This will help reduce heating expenses.

Cahill Apartments on Nashua Street has 64 units. The grant of $551,580 will provide energy efficiency improvements in the building and apartments.

The grants were awarded through the Low-Income Multi-Family Retrofit Program and MassSave.

 “Accepting Low Income Multifamily retrofit program funds to install mini splits not only brings relief to residents by providing air conditioning where it was lacking, but also generates cost savings for the Northampton Housing Authority.  Moreover, the eco-conscious shift reduces environmental impact, ushering in a more sustainable future for all. Thank you to Commissioner Richards of the Northampton Housing Authority for suggesting it,” commented Cara Leiper, Executive Director, Northampton Housing Authority.

“I am delighted to hear about the recent grants awarded to the Northampton Housing Authority. This support signifies a significant step towards realizing the city’s climate objectives and I thank the Northampton Housing Authority for working towards this priority, and I am particularly glad that these improvements will directly benefit residents,” shared Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra. “These grants pave the way for the Northampton Housing Authority to implement environmentally-conscious solutions that save costs and also offer a plan to alleviate the burden on residents. These solutions are critical, particularly as we face increasingly warmer seasons and escalating utility costs.”

Lindsay Sabadosa, state representative for the 1st Hampshire District added, “This grant will help bring the Northampton Housing Authority into the 21st century with a heating and cooling system that puts them on the path to greater resiliency and efficiency. I’m very grateful to the Northampton Housing Authority for actively seeking out ways to improve their properties and the lives of their residents.” 

The Northampton Housing Authority provides affordable rental housing opportunities. They are currently serving 855 people of which, 183 are children, 297 disabled individuals, and 366 elderly individuals. 

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