NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Food insecurity has been a harsh reality for many during the pandemic. 

The Freedge, the name speaking for itself, is an all-new community food distribution point, for people to give and share food. Located at the bikeway crossing on Straw Avenue, it creates easy access for those on the verge of food insecurity. 

“24-hour access, and some anonymity, if people want to you know come at off-hours or have a little bit more privacy, if they’re freshly or on the edge of being food insecure this is a place where they can find things and also find information,” said Aimee Francaes, co-founder. 

Organizers hope it will also cut down on food waste. 

Another co-founder, Shanna Fishel, said, “How many times have a been online and people are saying I’m going away, and all my produce is going to go, or all my milk is going to go. If the milk is unopened, if the yogurt is unopened, if you have produce, you can bring that here.” 

The creation of this support system was a community project. The nonprofit organization, Build, Repair, Grow, built the shed to keep the fridge out of the elements. 

“Build, Repair, Grow taught young people basic skills, how to grow and cook food, basic sewing, carpentry, and bike repair,” said Logan McFadden. 

Casey Lee-Trimble added, “We pulled together the workshop to teach some kids how to do some carpentry and kind of provide the labor to build this shed.” 

For those looking to give, Freedge is looking for fresh produce and sealed food products.