NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton has a plan in place reimagining the new design for Main Street, but not everyone is on board.

Over the past four years, the City of Northampton has planned a redesign of Main Street with the intention of three main goals: To provide safety and access for all, to promote a vibrant and attractive downtown, and to create a functional, enduring, and sustainable streetscape.

Not everyone is fully on board though, 22News spoke to one Northampton resident who is part of a group called Save Northampton Main Street who created an alternative to the city’s plan.

“We’re not very far apart, we have the very same goals in mind and I’ve looked at some different opportunities here to achieve those goals to help maybe keep people safer,” said John DiBartolo of Northampton.

The alternative plan is similar to the cities but this one looks closer at traffic planning, safety, and connections with the local rail trail.

Throughout the duration of the city’s planning, Northampton Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra told 22News she’s heard out the critiques and even taken some advice like those from Save Northampton Main Street, “We’ve had many conversations with these folks about what they would like to see, and they were very involved with the process along.”

At this point, Mayor Sciarra says they’re happy with the plan they have in place.

“The design that we’ve chosen was vetted, it was one of four designs that was measured against community priorities and then also the goals that we need to meet for this project, and the plan that was chosen was the one that best meets all those needs. So, we’re really excited about it,” said the Mayor.

The Northampton City Council will be meeting Thursday evening to vote on a resolution to support the work that’s been done, and John DiBartolo hopes his voice is heard. He hopes to present his alternative plan to the City Council as well.

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