NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton’s Mayor will not sign an ordinance approved by the City Council earlier this month limiting the number of cannabis dispensaries in the city to 12.

Even if Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra doesn’t sign the ordinance, she has to actively veto the move before Thursday, and if she doesn’t it will still go into effect. The city council passed the ordinance on January 19th, capping retail marijuana shops at a dozen within the city.

If Sciarra, who is against capping the number of dispensaries, vetoes the ordinance, the council would need to vote on it again and pass it with at least two-thirds majority. The council passed the ordinance on a 6-3 vote the first go around, the same majority that it would need to be voted on if sent back.

“I think it’s too much, Northampton is a pretty small town that has a large student population so I think there’s just too much dispensary’s around for that,” said Precious Tengey of Northampton.

Despite having a population under 30,000, the city currently has 11 dispensaries, the second-highest of any municipality in the state only behind Boston.

“Oh I think the amount of dispensary’s out there is just ridiculous. I don’t understand how they make money since there’s so many of them, cause there’s some places where there’s three or four in a row,” said David Rosoff of Easthampton.

Mayor Sciarra has yet to publicly state whether or not she intends to veto the rule and if she doesn’t it will automatically take effect later this week.