Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz has released a statement after deciding not to have the police chief participate in a seminar in Israel. 

This canceled trip has caused some mixed feelings throughout the city. 

Three weeks ago, Police Chief Jody Kasper and Mayor Narkewicz decided not to participate in a law enforcement training in Israel. 

The trip was going to be led by the Israel National Police with experts from their defense and intelligence communities. But, both the mayor and police chief decided it would be in the city’s best interest not to attend.

Mayor Narkewicz said this is not a boycott of Israel by the city of Northampton. In a statement, Mayor Narkewicz said:

“Northampton has and will continue to have strong cultural, religious, academic, and business ties with Israel. The recent decision not to send our Police Chief to Israel for counter terrorism training does not change any of that.”

Next month, the police department has plans to travel to Israel and Jordan on a U.S. Department of State funded initiative.