BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – An owner of an iconic food and ice cream hot spot is closing its doors after nine years in the business.

The business featured Taco Tuesdays and Fish Fry Fridays located at 2 Stadler St. They closed on September 18th for the season.

Chris Snow decided to sell after many years in operation. He had a 5-year-plan going into it and went onto his ninth year. After his ninth year, he says he checked off all the boxes that he set out to accomplish when he originally bought Chubby’s. “It’s not just running a successful restaurant, it’s also how I want to give back to the community, Snow said.” And that was one of the biggest boxes to check off.

Snow says he enjoyed seeing customers coming in year after year. “It was pretty neat to see multiple levels of generations of family members coming into work, seeing the kids come in after school, seeing the baseball teams come in, getting to know the customers, and being able to see their faces light up when they come in, he said.”

The business is being listed for sale, announced owner Chris Snow on Facebook Tuesday. He hopes for someone interested can “embrace what Chubby’s has meant to our community and continues to serve it for years to come.” The iconic name, ’Chubby’ has been around for over 20 years.

“It is my hope that the name stays, it means a lot to the town. It’s not just the name it’s the establishment.” If it stays the same, Snow says he will work with the new owners to help as much as possible to get them on their solid footing, continue the concept, and provide ideas.

For Snow, Chubby’s will always be a piece of him. “You know things that you miss and things you can reminisce on. You know it just doesn’t go away.”

Saturday morning was the first day the property listing went live. The listing price starts at $150,000.