People being cautious about downloading Russia-based “FaceApp”

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A viral app has gained access to millions of people’s faces. While people are having fun looking at their older selves, they could be putting personal information at risk.

Some people now have doubts about downloading the very popular “FaceApp” — a more than two-year-old app created by a Russia-based developer.

“I just deleted it actually, like two seconds ago,” said Campbell Wain of Billerica.

“Yeah, I’m planning on not downloading it anytime soon,” added Pearl Tulay of Amherst.

Its sudden popularity grew as celebrities joined countless others seeing “their older selves.”

Quinn Guevara of Arlington, Virginia told 22News, “People like NFL guys, NBA guys using it, and I thought it was kind of cool so I was going to download it. But then I saw in the news this morning that it’s like ‘Russian spies’ or whatever trying to get information. So I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m not downloading this anymore.'”

Downloading the “FaceApp” allows the company to share your information with its third-party affiliates or service providers.

The FaceApp’s Privacy Policy allows the company to have full access to data on a user’s device.

The policy states it could transfer “personal information to other countries or jurisdictions around the world.”

“I feel like the main concern is that it’s not necessarily clear at first glance when you look at it that you know that they might be using your data and information for that,” said Tulay.

And the app can pretty much use your image however they want.

“It’s like kind of creepy in how they’re using your pictures, maybe the Russians, so I did not download it and have not used it,” said Tulay’s sister, Mable.

If you download “FaceApp,” keep in mind that you’re giving up control of your image when you upload pictures to the app.

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