NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – While the US is importing thousands of pounds of baby formula, it’s going to take a while before we see a difference on local store shelves. 22News spoke with people to see how they are getting their hands on this important product.

Looking around at local stores, the formula is still very much in short supply and many shelves are bare.

Many area retailers also have limits on how much formula can be purchased at one time, adding to the challenge. 22News spoke to people who have had success by doing a little research and checking availability online.

Grandmother Jane Wick of Northampton was surprised how helpful a little online research was, even directing her to stores she normally doesn’t think of going to in order to purchase formula.

Wick had another helpful suggestion to save families time, especially if they are looking to track down a specific brand.

Jane Wick explained, “That would be my advice…is to call ahead and not waste all your time looking through all those types they have now.”

Wick added that buying formula ahead of time and not waiting until you are desperately low on a product to head to the store is another way to save yourself some stress.

It looks like a little research before heading out can make your pursuit of a formula more successful