AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Design plans and costs of a new elementary school building in Amherst Pelham Regional School district have been announced on Thursday.

Current Wildwood and Fort River Schools will be combined into one building for 575 students in grades K through 5. The three-floor energy-saving school will be built at the Fort River Site.

Floor plans for the elementary school

It’s expected to have plenty of outdoor learning space and play areas for students like basketball courts. Along with a 60-car parking lot, bike racks, 12 bus queues, and van drop-off/parking areas. The $98 million project will also include Ground source heat pumps and indoor air quality sensors.

Building overall site layout

Credit: Town of Amherst

Construction is slated for next summer and aims to open by September 2026. Construction costs will be $80,337,167. While furnishings, equipment, and technology are $3,500. Extra costs are going towards framing and restoring community fields and other implements.

A Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) facilities grant of $42,698,322 is to help with costs. And an estimated town share of the MSBA funding agreement of $55,268,725 may be another contribution. On May 2, a vote will be made on whether debt exclusion overrides paying the town’s share.