EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Tuesday night, the public had a chance to voice their concerns during an Easthampton School Committee Meeting.

The school committee says they have only until July 1 to have a decision made, in the search for a new school superintendent of Easthampton. The school committee voting 5 to 1, with one vote to abstain, to pursue seeking an interim superintendent for one year.

Easthampton School Committee Member, Martin Goldstein says, “And we begin that process, with getting more information from MASC, and finding out what candidates are available for next year.” Before the decision was made, parents and concerned residents making their voices heard loud and clear. The search to fill the position has been weeks in the making, after the offer for the school committee’s first choice, Dr.Vito Perrone, was rescinded when Perrone addressed two committee members as “Ladies” in an email.

“You have an awesome candidate, Dr. Perrone, outshines them all, but you cannot admit that you were wrong,” says Easthampton resident, Patty Cavalli. Their next superintendent pick, Dr. Erica Faginski-Stark, withdrew from negotiations. She was also accused of using “conservative transphobic rhetoric” on her social media.

“What kind of professional judgment does a public school administrator display when she posts full discoverable and divicive commentary about protected student populations?” says Former Easthampton School Committee Member and Parent, Marissa Carrere.

Members of the school committee responding to the fallout of those accusations, “Transphobic comments, make a candidate not viable for this district,” said Committee Member, Dr. Megan E.W. Harvey.

Following this most recent vote, the school committee plans to do a follow up working group session to review the process in seeking an interim superintendent, and according to the committee, that working group meeting could potentially by held next Monday.