NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A bird was rescued from a bell tower in Northampton Wednesday morning.

According to Deputy-Chief Breen, a red-tailed hawk was rescued from the bell tower of the old St. John’s church on Hawley Street. The hawk had been sighted by neighbors on Saturday and they grew concerned when the bird was not leaving the tower.

The act of reaching the bird took several attempts. The fire department was in the area for an hour and a half trying to reach the bird with nets. Eventually, the first responders had to enter the bell tower of the church to reach the hawk.

Once the hawk was safely brought to the ground, Birds of Prey specialist, Tom Ricardi, evaluated him and declared him as healthy with no injuries and was released.

Another hawk, stationed on the top of the bell tower, watched the entire incident. It is thought that this other hawk is the mate of the one rescued.