SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – With McCray’s Farm haunted hayrides and walk-throughs, guests have been in for a treat, but what safety protocols keep this event safe?

22News spoke with the South Hadley Fire Department about McCray’s Farm safety protocols ahead of their haunted hayride, run by a production company called Fear on the Farm.

“When we go through we make sure that they have enough emergency exits, the emergency lighting is working,” said South Hadley Fire Inspector Jason Houle. “In case of an emergency with just a flip of a switch, there’s lighting throughout that entire walkthrough that turns on so people can easily find the exits and see their way out quickly.”

If the emergency lights cannot be powered, a backup generator is provided. To help people escape or exit the attraction, they have an emergency evacuation system that plays audio messages. 

“It’s important to ensure their safety, that is inspected on an annual basis and procedures are in place if something were to happen, added Houle. “The fire and police departments are prepared to deal with that.”

Each year, an updated copy of their emergency plan, which details all the farm’s preparedness measures, is delivered to the fire station. There are five to six exits for the haunted walk-through, allowing guests to leave quickly in an emergency without having to complete the entire attraction.

Prior to opening up, McCray’s Farm had to remove any exposed screws sticking out on plywood, level ground, remove trash and remove valve stems. The farm describes how they’ve been adhering to given safety precautions. “This is the 32nd season, we’ve just been working with the farm and the town of South Hadley to make sure we put on a safe attraction for everybody and we’ve been doing that ever since,” said Briget Reilley, Cast Manager at McCray’s Farm.

As haunted events continue up until Halloween, these procedures are meant to guarantee that visitors are secure.